You are currently viewing How I succeeded in my CNN job interview (Don’t look needy)

How I succeeded in my CNN job interview (Don’t look needy)

How I succeeded in my CNN job interview

I’ll share the strategy that made me stand out amongst 500 applicants at CNN.

How to succeed in a job interview

‘Stay out, you crazy bitch. I’ve got this!’

This was what I told myself before stepping into my CNN job interview.

My coaching uncovered that ‘that crazy bitch’ was sabotaging ALL my interviews.

Showing enthusiasm and passion is very good, but with some boundaries… otherwise you will get into ‘needy’ energy.

But why does that crazy bitch appear?

Because of fears, insecurities and ‘trying to appear someone I was NOT’.

So the FIRST thing I learned to succeed in job interviews, even BEFORE studying the company, or deciding our outfit, was  self-regulating my enthusiasm and connecting to my authenticity.

How I got my CNN job

I’m going to share with you the strategy that got me my first job with CNN in London.

The 50% strategy.

50% Knowledge: I get informed about the company, its values, vision and needs.

50% Presence: Calm, active listening, personality and connection.

I also apply this technique in my Speaking Lions Program, not just in job interviews. 

If you focus too much on researching the company,  you will be in your ‘head’ and loose presence, so the nerves of ‘failing’ will make ‘that crazy bitch’ appear.

So how can you avoid it?

Listen & Connect

That’s why is crucial to LEAVE space to listen and ‘connect’ with the person in front of you BEFORE OPENING YOUR MOUTH.

Remember that it is not an exam or an interrogation BUT a conversation between two humans.


I was surrounded by famous CNN presenters from all over the world, including Hala Gorani and Christiane Amampour (I was freaking out!).

But I still managed to self-regulate and get selected from over 500 applicants.

Handle 'not knowing' with charisma

When you focus on ‘connecting’ and unlocking your charisma you can even handle not knowing an answer with confidence.

Yep. But how?

Not pretending to be who you’re not, or to know something you don’t. Just being honest and natural.

When the CNN recruiter asked me something I didn’t know, I simply answered:

‘Very good question. Right now I don’t know the answer, but if I worked for CNN the first thing I would do would be to find it out as quickly as possible. I learn quickly and you don’t have to repeat things to me twice.’

It came naturally to me because I was connected to him to such an extent that it felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend.

This is only achievable by working on your self-confidence. There is no magic wand. That’s why self-confidence is a must in all my programs.

By the way, I was among the three finalists. But they didn’t choose me.

Next week I will teach you how to manage rejection in interviews to AVOID throwing in the towel. (and reveal how I got the job at CNN!)

No pain, no gain. Forza!

If you want me to write about a specific topic, don’t be shy and just ask!

Your voice matters, let’s make it HEARD.

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