The Lions Public Speaking Program
Be the strongest energy in the room
Powerfull specialised Masterclasses & coaching to help you master your voice so you can command a room, grow your profile & communicate with impact.
Are you ready to speak with confidence, own your voice and elevate your profile?
🔥 Hell yes, I hear you say. 🎤
BUT public speaking makes your shudder.
The words get stuck and self-doubt takes over.
You’re not getting the traction you want.
(Not to mention the sound of your voice played back makes you cringe)
If only you could share your knowledge and passion without choking, stumbling or just overthinking the whole thing!
I’ll tell you a secret. You totally can!
Your voice is like any other musical instrument – you can learn how to play it and master it!
You can channel your confidence like a boss. It’s not something just for ‘other’ people. You can also feel joyful about public speaking and actually look forward to it.
Yep, you can slay the day
🥊 Squashing that inner critic.
🌟 Glowing with an aura of confidence.
🧲 Speaking in a magnetic way.
💃 Settling nerves in style.
🎓 Exuding competence with every word.
🤩 Captivating audiences, no matter the size.
Manuela Lanza Public Speaking Leadership Video Coach
A confidence gym of specialised speaking skills masterclasses & REAL challenges


🌟 Say “yes” confidently to speaking opportunities.

🌟 Make people falling in love with your speech.

🌟 Be in control of your body when nerves arise.

🌟 Be in control of your mind when self-doubt arises.

🌟 ‘Magically’ have the ‘right’ words to say every time

🌟 Have FUN & ENJOY speaking in any situation! (even in the most challenging ones!)

🎤 You walk to the stage excited & exactly knowing what to say.
😀 When you speak your audience is super engaged.
✍ You do presentations or conferences confidently with AND without notes.
📱 You’re not afraid of getting challenged by your audience, you like it.
💓 Your speeches are inspiring & results-oriented.
Want to learn how?
This program will give you:

Clear strategy

A methodical plan to succeed in every speaking scenario.

Mindset shift

Powerful reframes to approach speaking with positivity and joy.

Practical excercises

Simple practices to immediately improve your voice and speech.
Become a LION & let the world hear you roar LOUD AND CLEAR 🦁
REAL Lions unlocking real results 🔑
The Lions Public Speaking Program is for:

Business owners

Who want to promote their products and services via conferences, workshops, speaking gigs, networking events, etc.


Who want to grow in their career, increase their influence in meetings, job interviews or business presentations.


Teachers or coaches who want to teach their courses with confidence and attract clients with ease, this course is perfect for YOU.

Team leaders

Team leaders or spokespeople who represent organisations and want to deliver speeches with impact in meetings, conferences, events, etc.
Let’s break down the course content:
Each month we build the step-by-step strategy you can take into every speaking scenario to nail it with confidence and JOY!
PLUS there will be 📽video challenges – to help you see your progress!

Month 1


Connect with your TRUE voice
  • Identify the thoughts holding your voice back
  • Shift your view of public speaking from fear and doubt to joy and gratitude
  • Create a positive mindset for speaking success
  • Know what to do when the inner critic shows up
  • Confidently say you love your voice!
  • Identify your inner critic and learn

Month 2


Speak with your whole body
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of body language.
  • Know how to release nervous tension in the body.
  • Adopt my simple hacks to get good posture anywhere, anytime.
  • Create powerful presence on stage (virtually or real).
  • Unlock your natural playfulness through your feet, hands and face.

Month 3


Learn to calm your nerves
  • Learn to use breath to calm your nerves.
  • Learn ALL my grounding techniques to break that stiffness & unlock the real YOU when you speak.
  • Literally dance your negative thoughts away!
  • Easily recall grounding exercises to use when nerves strike.
  • Properly inspire your words!

Month 4


Let’s visit the speech gym!
  • Being concise & understood matters. Learn the techniques and exercises to speak clearly.
  • Learn to “tune in” into the right energy before you speak.
  • Speak with clarity and ease.
  • Reduce fluff, mumbling, mashing and swallowing your words.
  • Be understood in audio-only situations like phone and podcasts.
  • Speak with finesse and precision.
  • Confidently warm-up before speaking.

Month 5


Speak to engage
  • Learn to alter the speed and inflection of your voice to hold your audience’s interest.
  • Confidently vary the pitch, pace and volume of your voice.
  • Use my famous marking key to add delivery cues to your words.
  • Steal the stagecraft secrets of the pro speakers.
  • Practice reading more casually, “conversationally” to sound natural.
  • Learn to add your own personality flavour to your speech.
  • Train more spontaneous speaking without notes or reading.

Month 6


Speak from emotion
  • Learn to connect to your emotions before & during your speech.
  • Learn to create the exact emotion you need to engage.
  • Learn to connect to people’s aspirations & dreams.
  • Learn to feel what you say & embody your words.
  • Work on the top 5 emotions that wil make you a compelling speaker.

Month 7


Make the most of your media appearance
  • Understand what the media wants to feel confident in your speech.
  • Learn to tailor your speech to their needs to make an impact.
  • Learn to sound credible and handle tricky questions with ease.
  • Handle radio and/or TV interviews like a professional (EVEN when you feel umcorfortable).
“The Speaking Lions experience was great & I would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to improve communication skills – no matter if personal or business. I have new tools I can use before important meetings to align my energy and I had a very successful interview with my dream company!”
Kat, Sales Manager
If you need to speak in any of these scenarios… I’ve got you covered!
  • Online presentations
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Meetings
  • Workshop facilitating
  • Podcasting
  • TedTalks
  • Expert panels
  • Broadcast news stories
  • Networking events
  • Social speeches
  • And more!
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
Outcomes you can expect from
🎤 The Speaking Lions 🦁
💥 Overcome your speaking self doubt.
💥 Step into any speaking scenario with confidence.
💥 Receive technical and moral support on tap.
💥 Practice and get feedback – anytime.
💥 Crank the volume on the soundtrack of your personal brand – your voice!
Every training & coaching session in this course is LIVE!
❓ Your questions are answered in real time
🍏 The examples are fresh, relevant and topical
✨ My energy is right there with you
24 live sessions in total – 4 per month.
Replays go in the timeline.

Classic Option

In this 6-months transformation program you get:
✔️ Two 60 min Speaking Mastercasses per month (12 in total).
✔️ Two 60 min group coaching sessions per month (12 in total).
✔️ Safe place to get challenged, practice + unlimited guidance & feedback.
✔️ Personal, group and in class speaking challenges.
✔️ Workbook including cheatsheet & exercises for every module.
✔️ Personalised Voice Report to increase self-awareness & social intelligence.
✔️ All your questions answered via online or via email by me.

Premium Option

You get everything in CLASSIC plus:
✔️ Two 60 min private sessions with me (month 1 & month 6)
✔️ Two bonus Q & A group coaching ZOOM calls with me in month 4.
✔️ Unlimited email and voxer access to me during the 6 months course.
ICF - International Coach Federation
“Videoing myself & going off script plus Manuela’s great feedback helped me unlock my authenticity & create more connection with my audience. In this program I also learned that I need to take full responsibility for my communication, I can’t take responsibility for how people react to my messages. Stop being a crowd pleaser gave me so much confidence”.
Jon, Marketing Business Owner
Manuela Lanza · Public Speaking Coach
Hola, I’m Manuela!

If you think Public Speaking Coaching is formal, complicated and scary – think again.

That’s not my style.
Want to transmit passion to your audience? LEARN TO FEEL IT FIRST. Learning practical tools while having FUN are the name of my game. If it’s not fun, what’s the point?
I’ll teach you to be confident EVEN when you feel nervious. How? Mastering your thoughts, energy & emotions.

As a Broadcast Polyglot Journalist and Certified Public Speaking Coach, based in Ronda, Andalusia, Spain, I accumulated a wealth of Communication tools and best practices that I love to share.

And of course I’ve got the paperwork sorted –

  • International Coaching Federation Certified
  • MA International Journalism – City University London
  • Bachelor of Media & Communications (Journalism) – University of Murcia, Spain
  • Bachelor of Translation Studies – University of Alicante, Spain
I am 100% committed to guiding you to share your voice with confidence. All the content is passionately created by me and I promise to make you feel supported and seen.

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