Want to speak with more confidence and ditch the self-doubt? I can 110% help YOU.
As an individual there are three ways to work with me – join my Speaking Programs or get personalised 1-2-1 mentor coaching.
I also do keynote speaking, reporting and run team workshops, including media training.
Public Speaking On Camera course Manuela Lanza
The Speaking Lions:

discover the power of your voice

A one month empowering journey to speak with confidence in 4 key speaking scenarios: selling, public speaking, video and networking.

Learn to unlock all your charisma, build strong connections and wow your audience from the first second.

This program is perfect if you want to train general speaking skills and improve the way you show up for your business or company.

It will also help you decide  if you want to channel your efforts into mastering public speaking or video creation.

Specialised Speaking masterclasses + REAL speaking practice + guidance & feedback + group coaching + a supportive community.

Public Speaking Training Manuela Lanza

Public Speaking Program:

be the strongest energy in the room

A 6-months transformational program 100% focused on mastering the art of Public Speaking. You will get skills to help you unlock the FULL power of your authentic voice so you can connect & inspire in ANY speaking scenario: conferences, interviews, presentations, workshops, expert panels, online, on stage, Tedtalks, Networking events, business meetings, team building, leadership & much more!

Specialised Public Speaking masterclasses + REAL public speaking practice + professional feedback + group coaching + a supportive community.

On Camera Training Manuela Lanza Video Coach

On Camera Program:

impact through the lens of the camera

A 6-months transformational On Camera Program where you’ll learn step-by-step how to make an impact every time you speak on camera.

Learn to think in images, create a storyboard, script to engage, plan a shoot (at home or on the road), handle interviews like a pro (both in front & behind the camera) & present with charisma from an expert broadcast journalist.

Specialised On Camera Masterclasses + REAL on camera practice + professional feedback + group coaching + a supportive community.

One on One Mentor Coaching
One on One
Mentor coaching

Personally designed Training, Mentoring & Coaching for YOU.

How it works:

  1. Take the Voice quiz
  2. Decide if you want a full transformation or on demand expert support for an upcoming speech, presentation or video.
  3. Schedule a FREE discovery call to explore if we are a good fit.
  4. Master your Voice now.

We either work online or in person in Ronda, Andalusia, Spain.

The Free Speaking Hour
The Speaking Hour
A FREE online event to learn to be a charismatic speaker and network with professionals from around the world.
In this 60-minute Zoom session we will:
  • Learn powerful communication tools
  • Train our confidence muscle
  • Overcome communication blocks
  • Integrate best speaking practices into our speech
  • Network with professionals from around the world

Get practical tips to Master your Voice in person, on stage & on camera!

No spam, only effective speaking tips.

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