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Personally designed Speaking Training & Coaching for YOU.
Let’s make it happen. You and Me.
“I would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to improve communication skills – no matter if personal or business. I have new tools I can use before important meetings to align my energy and I had a very successful interview with my dream company!”
Kat, Sales Manager
Do you want personalised coaching?
Tailored training for your voice?
Help with your specific presentation?
Strategies to overcome your challenges and reach your goals?
You’re in the right place.
“Videoing myself & going off script plus Manuela’s great feedback helped me unlock my authenticity & create more connection with my audience. I also learned that I need to take full responsibility for my communication, I can’t take responsibility for how people react to my messages. Stop being a crowd pleaser gave me so much confidence”.
Jon, Marketing Business Owner
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
Hola, I’m Manuela!
If you think Speaking Coaching is formal, complicated and scary – think again.
That’s not my style.
Want to transmit passion to your audience? LEARN TO FEEL IT FIRST. Learning practical tools while having FUN are the name of my game. If it’s not fun, what’s the point?
I’ll teach you to be confident EVEN when you feel nervious. How? Mastering your thoughts, energy & emotions.
As a Broadcast Polyglot Reporter and Certified Speaking Coach, I accumulated a wealth of Speaking tools and best practices that I love to share.
And of course I’ve got the paperwork sorted –
  • International Coaching Federation Certified
  • MA International Journalism – City University London
  • Bachelor of Media & Communications (Journalism) – University of Murcia, Spain
  • Bachelor of Translation Studies – University of Alicante, Spain
I am 100% committed to guiding you to share your voice with confidence. All the content is passionately created by me and I promise to make you feel supported and seen.
Picture this
🎤 You’re handed a microphone and know exactly what to do.
😀 You speak in a meeting and people truly watch and listen.
💪 You’re so confident, you don’t just say YES to speaking opportunities, you seek them out.
If you need to speak in any of these scenarios… I’ve got you covered!
  • Online presentations
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Meetings
  • Workshop facilitating
  • Podcasting
  • TedTalks
  • Expert panels
  • Broadcast news stories
  • Networking events
  • Social speeches
  • And more!
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
So what do we do?
It’s one-on-one so I hold space for you and share targeted strategies.


From Imposter Syndrome to old-fashioned self-doubt we break down the mindset blocks holding your voice back.


We work through specific templates you can use to never be stuck on what to say.


We’ll go through the whole physical physical process of how voice is produced and release that sweet sound of influential honey!


Whether virtual or in-person there are lots of tips & tricks to present like a pro – I’ll show you how!
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“I'm a BIG planner. But in this course I learned to trust the unknown. We can't predict what will happen 100%, it's better to let it go & release control. I also loved the alignment tool before meetings. You achieve more by "being" instead of "doing all the time”.

Kat went from struggling with showing up on camera to confidently unlocking her alpha female energy and killing it on screen!


"My presentations went very well! My work colleagues told me that they see a clear improvement in the way I deliver. The "check in" exercise gave me the confidence to align with the right energy"

Javier signed up to level up his presenting skills in work meetings.


“In this course I learned to stop judging myself, especially with clients. Clients won't eat me. I now can create space and time to communicate at my pace & with confidence".

Annett signed up to overcome her communication blocks to sign clients confidently for her Yoga business.


"My biggest wins are videoing myself, going off script to help me create connection. The coaching about being in the spotlight leading to the fear of being found out as an imposter (look, he's not a "real" professional!) unlocks me being able to work on it".

Jon accessed the Speaking Lions tips to pitch his business more confidently both in person & on camera. He discovered the power of improvisation VS perfection.

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One on One is for:

Business owners

Who want to build their brand through social media vids, podcasting, sales calls, speaking gigs, etc.


Who want to improve their influence in meetings, job interviews, team leading, conference speaking, workshop facilitation, etc.


Team leaders or spokespeople who represent organisations and want to deliver speeches with impact in meeting, conferences, events, etc.

Classic Option

In this 6-months transformation program you get:
✔️ Two 60 min Speaking Mastercasses per month (12 in total).
✔️ Two 60 min group coaching sessions per month (12 in total).
✔️ Safe place to get challenged, practice + unlimited guidance & feedback.
✔️ Personal, group and in class speaking challenges.
✔️ Workbook including cheatsheet & exercises for every module.
✔️ Personalised Voice Report to increase self-awareness & social intelligence.
✔️ All your questions answered via online or via email by me.
ICF - International Coach Federation
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