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Is your fear of public speaking holding you back? Are you struggling to get your message heard and understood? Do you feel like an imposter? Want to nail your next presentation? Command a room when you speak? Impact through the lens of the camera?
Speaking with confidence, clarity & charisma is just one click away!
I’ll help you grow your business or advance in your career combining powerful communication tools that I learned as a CNN broadcast journalist, my spiritual journey & Coaching to help you ditch self-doubt & make an impact every time you open your mouth.
The Lions Public Speaking Program · Manuela Lanza
Specialised masterclasses + REAL public speaking practice + hot seat coaching + a supportive community.
Learn step-by-step how to make an impact every time you speak on camera + hot seat coaching + a supportive community.
Personally designed, high-impact coaching & mentoring to help you reach your Speaking goals. We work online or in-person in Tarifa, Spain.
A FREE event to learn to be a charismatic speaker and network with professionals from around the world.
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“Videoing myself & going off script plus Manuela’s great feedback helped me unlock my authenticity & create more connection with my audience. In this program I also learned that I need to take full responsibility for my communication, I can’t take responsibility for how people react to my messages. Stop being a crowd pleaser gave me so much confidence.”
Jon, Marketing Business Owner
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
Hola, I’m Manuela!
If you think Speaking Coaching is formal, complicated and scary – think again.
That’s not my style.
Want to transmit passion to your audience? LEARN TO FEEL IT FIRST. Learning practical tools while having FUN are the name of my game. If it’s not fun, what’s the point?
I’ll teach you to be confident EVEN when you feel nervious. How? Mastering your thoughts, energy & emotions.
As a Broadcast Polyglot Reporter and Certified Speaking Coach, I accumulated a wealth of Speaking tools and best practices that I love to share.
And of course I’ve got the paperwork sorted –
  • International Coaching Federation Certified
  • MA International Journalism – City University London
  • Bachelor of Media & Communications (Journalism) – University of Murcia, Spain
  • Bachelor of Translation Studies – University of Alicante, Spain
“I’m a BIG planner. But Manuela taught me to trust the unknown. We can’t predict what will happen 100%, it’s better to let it go & release control. I also loved the alignment tool before meetings. You achieve more by “being” instead of “doing all the time”.
Kat, Sales Manager
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
I felt that I had an imbalance between my profession. my family and social life. I felt frustrated and this frustration was starting to affect my loved ones and people around me.
From the first session my coaching with Manuela was enlightening. I started to explore with her what were the obstacles blocking my path to a balanced life. This exploration, far away from judgement or moralization, gave me the tools to understand many things about me and my actions, about my beliefs and my social role.
María Rosa
Ready to unlock the Power of your Voice?
Let’s have a cosy conversation about where you are and where you want to be. The best way to know if Speaking Coaching is right for you, is to experience a bit of it first hand for free.
Just enjoy the ride!
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
ICF - International Coach Federation
Certified Coach · Coach Training Alliance
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