The Speaking Lions:
discover the power of
your voice
A one month empowering journey to speak with confidence and connect with people from second one.
Connect with your voice, connect with others.
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
Is your fear of public speaking holding you back?
Are you struggling to get your message heard?
Are you thrown into speaking situations without guidance or support?
I get it.
You’re letting opportunities pass you by, scared of not feeling “good enough” and frustrated that speaking seems to come so easily to other people.
If only you could get out of your head and embody your voice with freedom & joy!
No dramas. You totally can!
I have great news that will blow your mind:
Speaking with charisma is NOT something for some “lucky ones”, it’s a skill you CAN LEARN 100% .
“This course showed me that you can learn to be charismatic, if you believe in you. Now, I see speaking opportunities everywhere!”
Lua, Coaching Business Owner
More truth bombs:
💣 You don’t need to be a professional speaker to connect & impact with your voice.
💣You don’t need crazy preparation to make your next presentation phenomenal.
💣You don’t need to be ‘born’ confident to access your inner power & impact people.
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
🎤 You connect with people with ease & fun.
😀 When you speak you don’t stress about what to say.
✍ You do presentations confidently without notes & connected to your intuition.
📱 You’re not afraid to show up online, on video, on brand.
💓 You emanate positive, contagious joyful energy EVERYWHERE!
Want to learn how?
A confidence gym of specialised speaking skills masterclasses & REAL challenges ​
🌟 Say “yes” confidently to speaking opportunities.
🌟 Make people falling in love with your speech.
🌟 Be in control of your body when anxiety rises.
🌟 Be in control of your mind when self-doubt arises.
🌟 Magically have the ‘right’ words to say every time (I call this “intuition”)
🌟 Have FUN & ENJOY speaking in any situation! (even in the most challenging ones!)
Trust me, you’ll LOVE being in the spotlight AS MUCH as I do!
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
Become a LION & let the world hear you roar LOUD AND CLEAR 🦁
REAL Lions unlocking real results 🔑
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“I'm a BIG planner. But in this course I learned to trust the unknown. We can't predict what will happen 100%, it's better to let it go & release control. I also loved the alignment tool before meetings. You achieve more by "being" instead of "doing all the time”.

Kat went from struggling with showing up on camera to confidently unlocking her alpha female energy and killing it on screen!


"My presentations went very well! My work colleagues told me that they see a clear improvement in the way I deliver. The "check in" exercise gave me the confidence to align with the right energy"

Javier signed up to level up his presenting skills in work meetings.


“In this course I learned to stop judging myself, especially with clients. Clients won't eat me. I now can create space and time to communicate at my pace & with confidence".

Annett signed up to overcome her communication blocks to sign clients confidently for her Yoga business.


"My biggest wins are videoing myself, going off script to help me create connection. The coaching about being in the spotlight leading to the fear of being found out as an imposter (look, he's not a "real" professional!) unlocks me being able to work on it".

Jon accessed the Speaking Lions tips to pitch his business more confidently both in person & on camera. He discovered the power of improvisation VS perfection.

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In The Speaking Lions we focus on:


Learn powerful communication & mindset tools to succeed in every speaking scenario.


Take REAL action & learn from your own experience. There will be group, class & personal challenges.


Learn powerful energy alignment tools to clean your mind & approach speaking with joy.


Steal the tricks of the trade to nail your next presentation, media interview or tricky conversation.
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
Manuela is like sunshine on a rainy day. Her super positive energy is truly contagious. You will leave each session full of positivity and self-confidence.
Manuela helped me to remember how important it is to love myself, practice self-love on a daily basis (instead of constantly criticising myself).
I discovered the importance of “Being” instead of “Doing” and making space for a part of the day where I recharge my batteries and am present with myself.
I definitely encourage you to make yourself this gift and be part of Manuela’s community.
P.S. Thank you Manuela for taking out the best of me and encouraging me to move mountains 🥰🥰
The Speaking Lions is for:

Business owners

Who want to build their brand through social media vids, podcasting, sales calls, speaking gigs, etc.


Who want to improve their influence in meetings, job interviews, team leading, conference speaking, workshop facilitation, etc.


Who are tired of silencing their voices and want to learn to speak up with confidence & impact.
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
As a mother of two little daughters, a wife, a medical doctor and a woman, I felt that I had an imbalance between my profession, my family and social life.
From the first session my coaching with Manuela was enlightening. I started to explore with her what were the obstacles blocking my path to a balanced life. This exploration, far away from judgement or moralization, gave me the tools to handle my inner critic and get my real voice on board to create better personal & professional relationships. Living in a fast moving world, having a safe place to practice, reflect & build confidence was just gold to me.
A big extra: she includes in her great coaching her holistic wisdom and breathing techniques to help me feel much more connected with my true voice and achieve my full creative potential both at work & in life.
Maria Rosa, Professional Doctor
Let’s break down the course content:
Each week we build the step-by-step strategy you can take into every speaking scenario to nail it with confidence and JOY!
PLUS there will be 📽video challenges – to help you see your progress!

Week 1


Sell with passion
  • Shift from convincing into “inspiring”.
  • Learn to connect with people’s aspirations & dreams.
  • Pitch ideas confidently.
  • Level up your money mindset.
  • Learn to align your energy into “service mode”.
  • Sign clients with confidence & ease.

Week 2


Impact through video
  • Stop being an emotionless “talking head” & learn to speak with your whole body.
  • Level up your presenting skills.
  • Train voice modulation.
  • Use your authentic personality to impact on screen.

Week 3


Command a room
  • Break free from your public speaking fear.
  • Learn to command a stage with confidence.
  • Learn to own your voice & be the strongest energy in the room.
  • Learn to speak confidently without notes.

Week 4


Succeed in difficult conversations
  • Shift from “victim” into superhero mentality.
  • Learn to communicate to avoid conflict in your relationships.
  • Learn to self-regulate to succeed in difficult conversations.
“Remember, it’s not WHAT happens to us, if HOW we handle it, what REALLY matters”.
“Master Your Voice” Assessment to discover your unique communication style. You will learn how to build up on your Voice strengths (70%) & work on your Voice weaknesses (30%).
Learn the “check in” method: you will learn a powerful self-coaching tool to work on your beliefs, emotions & energy BEFORE any speaking scenario. With this “check in” tool you’ll own your speech 100% & laser on creating the results you want. It will save yourself so much time, stress & dramas.
Learn the 5 Voices: learn the 5 communication styles that will skyrocket your social intelligence and help you deliver messages of impact EVERYWHERE and with ANYONE.
Benefits of receiving Group Coaching:
✔️ We will laser on your limiting beliefs EVERY WEEK.
✔️ Clean your mind.
✔️ Keep you better focused to produce results more quickly.
✔️ Tap into the group’s wisdom and intuition.
✔️ Accountability: create new emotional & mind habits.
✔️ Benefit from the group’s wins & challenges.
✔️ Support from your Coach & the group.
✔️ Commitment: we’ll go all the way through the finish line together!
“The Speaking Lions experience was great & I would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to improve communication skills – no matter if personal or business. I have new tools I can use before important meetings to align my energy and I had a very successful interview with my dream company!”
Kat, Sales Manager
Outcomes you can expect from
🎤 The Speaking Lions 🦁
💥 A set plan to prepare yourself for any speaking scenario.
💥 A stronger voice and clearer speech
💥 A positive view of speaking opportunities
💥 The ability to engage an audience through your personality
💥 A love and appreciation of your speaking voice & whole presence.
Every training & coaching session in this course is LIVE!
❓ Your questions are answered in real time
🍏 The examples are fresh, relevant and topical
✨ My energy is right there with you
Replays go in the timeline.
One payment of 471€ or two payments of 235€ (VAT included).
If you pay cash at La Cocotera, you only pay 390 € or two payments of 195€*.
You get:
✔️ One 90 min Speaking Mastercass per week (4 in total).
✔️ One 90 min group coaching session per week (4 in total).
✔️ Safe place to practice + unlimited guidance & feedback.
✔️ Personal, group and in class speaking challenges.
✔️ Workbook including cheatsheet & exercises for every module.
✔️ Personalised Voice Report to increase self-awareness & social intelligence.
✔️ All your questions answered in person or online by me.
✔️ Support from La Cocotera to host your final Speaking gig with REAL audience!
“Videoing myself & going off script plus Manuela’s great feedback helped me unlock my authenticity & create more connection with my audience. In this program I also learned that I need to take full responsibility for my communication, I can’t take responsibility for how people react to my messages. Stop being a crowd pleaser gave me so much confidence”.
Jon, Marketing Business Owner
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
Hola, I’m Manuela!
If you think Speaking Coaching is formal, complicated and scary – think again.
That’s not my style.
Want to transmit passion to your audience? LEARN TO FEEL IT FIRST. Learning practical tools while having FUN are the name of my game. If it’s not fun, what’s the point?
I’ll teach you to be confident EVEN when you feel nervious. How? Mastering your thoughts, energy & emotions.
As a Broadcast Polyglot Reporter and Certified Speaking Coach, I accumulated a wealth of Speaking tools and best practices that I love to share.
And of course I’ve got the paperwork sorted –
  • International Coaching Federation Certified
  • MA International Journalism – City University London
  • Bachelor of Media & Communications (Journalism) – University of Murcia, Spain
  • Bachelor of Translation Studies – University of Alicante, Spain
I am 100% committed to guiding you to share your voice with confidence. All the content is passionately created by me and I promise to make you feel supported and seen.
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You and those around you deserve this!