Hello FUTURE journalist
Let’s land your dream job!
If you are a student journo who wants to work in broadcast, you need the right mindset, voice & skills.
You wouldn’t try to build a house without a hammer, so don’t step in front of a microphone without a trained voice.
If you think your degree is enough to get your dream job in broadcast journalism, think AGAIN!
I’m here to show you EVERYTHING I wish I knew from Uni until I landed my first job at CNN!
“Videoing myself & going off script plus Manuela’s great feedback helped me unlock my authenticity & create more connection with my audience. In this program I also learned that I need to take full responsibility for my communication, I can’t take responsibility for how people react to my messages. Stop being a crowd pleaser gave me so much confidence”.
Jon, Marketing Business Owner
Reporting Services Manuela Lanza Freelance Journalist
Great to meet you!

I’m Manuela, Public Speaking Coach & former CNN journo, who’s done successfully what you want to do.

Actually, if we worked together, you could do it in less time than me!

Honestly, I wish my services existed when I finished journalism school, I’d have fast-tracked my success way faster & easier!

I can show you how.
🍳 I’ve done the international sports news at CNN.
🤠 I’ve done breaking news at THOMSON REUTERS.
🎤 I’ve covered national stories for ALJAZEERA ENGLISH.

I know how to hone your broadcast voice & presence with a clear understanding of the content you work with in an incredibly fast-paced environment.

And once we get to 1-2-1, we do so much more than mentor coaching. I’ll help you:
Clarify your career plan.
Draft powerful pitch emails to potential bosses (like the one that got me my first interview at CNN!).
Set your CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn and showreel for success!
As your mentor I can help you grow your confidence and land your DREAM job anywhere in the world.
This program will give you:
Everything you need to sound natural, confident and credible ON & OFF micre!

Sound natural

Embody your voice.
Learn how to tell the story not just read the script by nailing stress and pause.

Sound credible

Develop warm, full tone. Learn how to breathe, activate your vocal cords and direct your vibrations to truly resonate.

Sound intelligent

Speak with clarity and ease. Learn how to articulate clearly, pronounce words correctly and sound professional.
Become a LION & let the world hear you roar LOUD AND CLEAR 🦁
REAL Lions unlocking real results 🔑
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“I'm a BIG planner. But in this course I learned to trust the unknown. We can't predict what will happen 100%, it's better to let it go & release control. I also loved the alignment tool before meetings. You achieve more by "being" instead of "doing all the time”.

Kat went from struggling with showing up on camera to confidently unlocking her alpha female energy and killing it on screen!


"My presentations went very well! My work colleagues told me that they see a clear improvement in the way I deliver. The "check in" exercise gave me the confidence to align with the right energy"

Javier signed up to level up his presenting skills in work meetings.


“In this course I learned to stop judging myself, especially with clients. Clients won't eat me. I now can create space and time to communicate at my pace & with confidence".

Annett signed up to overcome her communication blocks to sign clients confidently for her Yoga business.


"My biggest wins are videoing myself, going off script to help me create connection. The coaching about being in the spotlight leading to the fear of being found out as an imposter (look, he's not a "real" professional!) unlocks me being able to work on it".

Jon accessed the Speaking Lions tips to pitch his business more confidently both in person & on camera. He discovered the power of improvisation VS perfection.

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Let’s break down the course content:
Each week we clear confidence blocks, level up our voice & build clear strategies to land that DREAM job!

Week 1


Build confidence
  • Identify the thoughts holding you back.
  • Overcome shyness & self-doubt.
  • Create a positive mindset for career success.
  • Know what to do when the inner critic shows up.
  • Learn to believe in yourself & follow your dreams.

Week 2


Visit the speech gym!
  • Learn to “tune in” into the right energy before you speak.
  • Speak with clarity and ease.
  • Reduce fluff, being conscise matters.
  • Be understood in ALL situations: in person, on stage, on camera, radio, podcasts, etc.
  • Speak with finesse and precision.

Week 3


Rock on camera
  • Eye contact & teleprompters.
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of presenting on camera.
  • Learn to present with AND without script.
  • Learn to present seated, standing and walking.
  • Image: learn to have a powerful presence & be telegenic AF.
  • Body: learn to use your whole body to speak with personality.

Week 4


Create a kick-ass profile online!
  • Create a high impact CV.
  • Get noticed on Linkedin.
  • Social media presence.
  • How to create an enganging & professional Showreel.

Week 5


Pitch yourself for success (online & in person)
  • Internships (PAID VS UNPAID).
  • Jobs.
  • How to get TV gigs.
  • How to fill in GREAT Applications.
  • How to write compelling Emails that GET NOTICED.
  • Steal my creative tricks that got me my first TV gigs!
  • Leverage your time: find the right people to pitch yourself.

Week 6


Land your first PAID JOURNO JOB!

  • Learn to sound credible and handle tricky questions with ease.
  • Dos & Donts in job interviews.
  • How to prepare your interview for success.
  • What to do when you don’t know the answer.
  • Be memorable, how to make an impact they will never forget (like me in my first CNN interview).

Week 7


Meet the right people (online & in person)
  • How to get Coffee chats with influencing people.
  • How to find the right events.
  • How to use Linkedin to connect with potential bosses.
  • Skyrocket your Social skills to quickly make a memorable impression.
  • How to be charismatic & connect with people.

Week 8


One you get your foot at the door, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!
  • How to quickly connect with your boss & colleagues.
  • How to handle stress.
  • How to pitch stories at work.
  • Dos & Donts of behaving in a news room.
  • Learn from my mistakes.
  • Steal my secrets on how I scaled my journalism career.
“The Speaking Lions experience was great & I would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to improve communication skills – no matter if personal or business. I have new tools I can use before important meetings to align my energy and I had a very successful interview with my dream company!”
Kat, Sales Manager
You won’t find this anywhere else.
What you get here you won’t find in any uni lecture, any textbook or anywhere on the internet.
I saw there was nothing much out there for you, so I developed this program from my own experience in broadcast journalism.
There’s no BS.
It’s a step-by-step process to sound natural, credible and intelligent.
And you can apply it straight away to attract the job of your DREAMS.
Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
Outcomes you can expect from this program
💥 Overcome your speaking self doubt.
💥 Pitch yourself for job interviews with confidence & results.
💥 Step into any job interview with confidence & charisma.
💥 Unlock your best voice & presence in person or online.
💥 Receive technical and moral support on tap.
💥 Practice and get feedback – anytime.
💥 Strive in your journo career.
Every training & coaching session in this course is LIVE!
❓ Your questions are answered in real time
🍏 The examples are fresh, relevant and topical
✨ My energy is right there with you
24 live sessions in total – 4 per month.
Replays go in the timeline.

Classic Option

In this 8-WEEKS transformation program you get:
✔️ One 60 min Journo Mastercass per week (8 in total).
✔️ One 60 min group coaching sessions per per week (8 in total).
✔️ Safe place to get challenged, practice + unlimited guidance & feedback.
✔️ Personal, group and in class journo challenges.
✔️ Workbook including cheatsheet & exercises for every module.
✔️ Personalised Voice Report to increase self-awareness & social intelligence.
✔️ All your questions answered via online or via email by me.

PREMIUM OPTION - limited spots!

You get everything in CLASSIC plus:
✔️ One 60 min private sessions with me (week 1).
✔️ One 60 min mentoring session to help you nail your job applications & interviews (week 8).
✔️ A recommendation letter personally written by me to LEVEL UP your job applications.
✔️ Access to 3 of my high profile contacts so can skip the mass & pitch yourself straight to the right people.
✔️ Unlimited email and voxer access to me during the 8 weeks program.
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