Your audience will experience transformation from second 1, have FUN & bounce out of the room with exciting strategies & tools they can apply straight away to speak with more confidence, clarity and charisma.

My methods are action-focused, creative & interactive. A good leader knows how to “feel comfortable in the uncomfortable”, so get ready to get challenged & build your confidence muscle LIVE!

Manuela Lanza · Speaking Coach
Manuela Lanza · Public Speaking Coach
Public Speaking Manuela Lanza Keynote Speaker Spain

I’ll empower your audience to connect with their authentic voice & equip them with lots of powerful communication strategies to speak with confidence, clarity and charisma.

My speeches are tailored to your audience and can include: confidence mindset, charisma, leadership, assertive communication, storytelling, conflict management, gender equality, entrepreneurism, emotional intelligence, intuition, showing up on video, imposter syndrome, selling, speaking from your soul and personal brand.

“Manuela tailored the presentation to meet our audience. She is an explosion of knowledge, passion & energy, we were blown away by her exceptional talk which was very interactive and filled with extremely useful tips! Manuela would suit an audience that is looking to up-skill their confidence in speaking not just publicly but in all life scenarios”.

Nacho, WeCowork

Reporting Services Manuela Lanza Freelance Journalist
After more than a decade reporting for CNN, Aljezeera English & Thomson Reuters, I understand what the media wants and how to cover stories or events with REAL impact.

I’m based in Ronda, Andalusia, Spain. If you need a professional & dynamic reporter on location, I’m your chica!

My reporting will be totally tailored to your audience. I fluently speak Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese and French & I’ve got outstanding interview skills.
“Manuela nailed the interviews for our show. Great content! She always manages to get the best soundbites, those that create headlines. She is very professional and knows how to make the interviewee feel at ease and trust her from second one. She is an explosion of energy, we were blown away by her exceptional work. She went beyond expectations”.
Alberto, Mediáticos
Media Training Manuela Lanza Public Speaking Coach
Media training
After more than a decade working as a broadcast journalist for CNN, Aljezeera English & Thomson Reuters, I understand what the media wants and how to make an impact with your message.
I’ll help prepare your spokespeople feel confident, sound credible and handle any tricky question thrown their way with naturality, ease & fun.
My media training includes mock radio, podcast and/or TV interviews based on tailored scenario to your organisation or business, plus my personalised expert feedback. The format will be: practice + feedback + readjustment. Learning from your own experience WILL skyrocket your communication skills. These clips will be provided afterwards.
“The training was so empowering. Thank you Manuela for a truly inspiring, practical and fun session. I would highly recommend Manuela (online or in person) if you’re looking for practical tips on mastering interviews, presentations or public speaking”.

Maria, Holistic Business Owner

Team Workshops Manuela Lanza Public Speaking Leadership Coach
Team workshops
Educate, engage and empower your team with my fully tailored team workshops.
Your team will walk away with more self-awareness and memorable techniques to leave real impact every time they speak.

I also include a Voice Test test that will help your team skyrocket their social intelligence, build healthy relationships and communicate much more efficiently at the work place.

“The training was so empowering. Thank you Manuela for sharing your energy and enthusiasm for all things related to video & presenting. Her ability to read the room and meet us where we were at made the day so enjoyable. We all took away interesting insights and real-world tips that we could immediately apply to our speaking engagements”.

Marc, Marketing Manager

“Manuela delivered a lively and engaging session with our leadership team that resonated with everyone, regardless of their experience and confidence with speaking publicly. Manuela’s practical and grounded approach created a safe space for attendees to find our voices and share with our peers, and inspired us to want to go out immediately and put her guidance into practice in our work”.

Junior, Artevida

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