How my High Impact CV got me a job at CNN

I got job interviews with: CNN, Al Jazeera English, Euronews, Thomson Reuters, Vice News, the European Commission and Tik Tok. Learn how.

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To land my first CNN interview, God only knows how many CVs I’ve handed in. 

Through trial and error, I became a machine of creating high impact CVs. I managed to get into the recruiters’ psychology and serve them very ‘juicy’ resumes.

How? Let’s set up your mindset for success, even before you start building your CV from scratch.

Quality VS Quantity.

We tend to think that the more resumes we put out, the better.


It’s exhausting, we end up in ‘copy and paste mode’ and that energy STINKS.

That’s why they don’t call us.

To send scented CVs, you must:

1 Understand WHO YOU ARE & how to sell yourself: and if you don’t know, the fastest and most effective way is investing in a Coach or Mentor, as I did (it will save you time and lots of headaches). I can help 110%,

2 Choose companies that you admire and to which you can really contribute. Not because they are famous or you like their logo.

3 Remember this is not about ‘you’. ‘Oh I need to pay my electricity bills’ , it’s about how your skills and knowledge can benefit THEM.



Maximum two pages.

Your goal is to make the recruiter’s life as easy as possible, so make your CV  ‘light and attractive’.


Use Canva to create an attractive and professional CV that conveys your personality.

Make your CV stand out from the first second by creating an unique experience.

Learn how to create your CV with Canva, there are tons of beautiful templates you can use for free.


Choose an UPDATED and HIGH QUALITY photo that shows your smiley face well.

Please don’t pick that picture in a bar where you cut off your friend or that picture when you were 18 years old. It will feel like showing up to a date wearing your pyjamas. 

Create the time to update your picture, go to a professional photographer, take yourself seriously, PLEASE. 

You are a professional!


Get to the point.

Remove all the fluff and empty words.

Imagine that you are the recruiter, you are very busy and you only have 3 minutes to read each CV.

If you need personalised support to maximise your chances to get that job, you can book a free feedback session with me.


Use the ‘same words’ they use in the job offer.

That’s why it is important that your resume is not ‘copy and paste’, but that you adapt your CV’s terminology to the one used in the job offer.

For example, in Tik Tok’s job offer they were looking for a ‘copywriter’ so in my CV I used ‘copywriter’ INSTEAD OF ‘journalist’.


Include the most relevant work experience.

To make your resume lighter, you don’t need to put ‘all your work experience’, just the one that interests the company.

For example, my client Mayle wanted to get a job as a dental hygienist, so it didn’t make any sense to have on her resume that she worked in a Game Room.

In fact, as soon as she omitted that information, she began to get interviews!

We must understand that the company is ‘our audience’ and the resume is our ‘message’, and we must shape it to connect as much as possible.


Be brave and (also) deliver your CV in person.

Online is fine, but don’t forget to also invest in face-to-face impact.


If you choose smaller companies, there will be less competition and more opportunities.

I’m sharing below the CV that I especially created for Tik Tok, which made me stand out amongst 400 people.

I hope this post inspires you.

Enjoy your date with your CV.

Next week I will teach you how to succeed in a job interview, olé!

If you want me to write about a specific topic, don’t be shy and just ask!

Your voice matters, let’s make it HEARD.

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