4 Tips to Start Speaking in Conferences (get clients!)

‘You have 2min to sell this Lion Puppet’🦁😂. That’s me challenging a member of my audience. The Result? She signed up for my Program!


The main benefit of speaking in conferences is that your audience will have a direct experience of YOU, which will help you position as an expert & build trust instantly.

It doesn’t matter if you are speaking at a conference for the first time, conference speaking gives you the chance to make an impact in REAL time.

But, nerves strike…

You start shaking. 

 And your monkey mind shows up:

‘What if I forget my words?’

‘What if I look ridiculous?’

What if … 


I’ll give you a plan of attack to silence that monkey & gain your power BACK.

TIP Nº 1

Shift from ‘what if’ into ‘if I’

What if I forget my words’ → If I forget my words I … (complete sentence). Ex. I’ll take a sip of water, so I can gather my thoughts again. 

Or… If I forget my words, I’ll ask my audience for feedback.

Just practice being more decisive by filling that gap. 

This self-coaching exercise will help you shift from Drama queen into Ninja Queen 😉

TIP Nº 2

'Humanise' the audience

Go early and get to know your audience before the speech, so when you take the podium, you can just continue the conversation ‘casually’. 

I’ll give you an example. 

My last conference was about being confident on camera. Before my speech, I talked to “Maria”, who told me she ‘hates’ how she looks on screen. 

So this was my opening:

‘I was talking to Maria just now. Maria, do you mind if I share our conversation? Maria hates how she looks on screen. How many of you resonate with Maria? please raise your hands’


  1. I humanised my audience (they aren’t monsters. Your audience wants you to succeed, NOT to fail)
  2. I opened with a REAL pain from somebody from the audience
  3. I created connection with my public from the first second.
  4. Then, I can give the solution to that ‘PAIN’ during my speech & build trust.

TIP Nº 3

Move & interact!

I don’t care how formal the conference is. Grab that microphone and move! 

Walking & gestures create movement, it makes your speech more dynamic and you will feel free to connect to your public. 

And please don’t let your speech be a monologue, ask questions to your audience! (and be ready to be challenged too!)      

In The Speaking Lions learning to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable is a must, so you can feel confident in your skin when facing any speaking challenge.

TIP Nº 4

Shift your focus from "WHAT" into "WHO"

As I always say, words ONLY have 20% of impact on your message.

So your main FOCUS shouldn’t be on ‘what you say’ but on ‘who you are being while  saying it’.

REMEMBER: your audience will remember how you make them “feel” VS words. 

Next week we will cover  ‘How to create your dream job NOW’, you don’t wanna miss it!

Your Voice matters, make it HEARD.

Happy Monday!

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P.P.S. Congratulations to my Speaking Lions student, Jon, who rocked at his conference and shared this in our Lions Whatsapp group:

‘Hey there Lions, hope you are all doing great! We had a talk here at a conference earlier today and I felt it went very well indeed!

The biggest achievement was probably just about being relaxed throughout the whole thing which made it so much easier to be spontaneous.

Actually, my main learning this time was to

– learn enough about the subject to be able to speak freely

– make 4-5 bullets for the “journey”

– never mind the details

It was a great experience indeed! With less pressure it becomes so much more enjoyable.

Thank you guys for the cheers!

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