Beat your Imposter Syndrome & shine as a Public Speaker

Stop silencing your voice and unlock your full power as a Public Speaker. Start inspiring & impacting lives now. You can do this!

Beat Imposter Syndrome as a Public Speaker

How to turn a breakup into a powerful self-discovery journey

When it comes to Public Speaking, we often tell ourselves: Why bother? People won’t care about what I have to say…

That’s not true. People do care, but it’s our responsibility to make ourselves visible & heard

Let’s overcome your Imposter Syndrome, so you can unlock the full power as a Public Speaker. The ‘new’ you is waiting… Let’s do this!


Acknowledge the 'fear'

Acknowledge the emotion that’s triggering your Imposter: Fear.

The fear of being wrong, which leads to the fear of being judged. ‘Oh look, he/she is not a REAL professional!”.

How can you connect to your audience as a speaker if you are afraid of looking stupid? 


So how can you break free from this mind drama?


1 Give yourself permission to feel fear. You are human, but then, remember ‘you are not your fear’ and still take action.

2 Shift your attention to ‘serve your audience’ and master HOW you deliver your message. That’s key in public speaking.


Release 'perfection'

Something I always share with my clients is this: stressing out with being ‘perfect’ will get you ZERO results in your communication.

Why? Because it makes you look stiff, nervous and, what’s worse, it suffocates the REAL you.

So you better invest your time in unlocking your authenticity, rather than memorising facts.

So release ‘perfection’, prioritise connecting with your audience and leave space to keep learning.

That ‘s the best strategy, believe me.


Train your 'confidence muscle'

Shift into a confident mindset. Repeat with me:

“I have everything I need at this moment to connect with my audience”

“I accept and embrace who I am”

“I have so much to give”

“My message matters and will transform people’s lives.”

Of course positive affirmations mean NOTHING if you don’t ACT from them.

I always tell my students to train confidence as they train muscle at the gym.  

SIMPLE: The more you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, the more confident you become.


Shift from 'words' into 'energy'

Did you know that words only have 20 % of the impact of your message?

What about the other 80%? That’s your energy.

So stop obsessing with ‘what to say’ and shift into ‘how’ you say it.

Focus ALL your attention on your thoughts and emotions BEFORE and DURING your speech.

In my Speaking Programs I teach an alignment tool to clean your mind, so you can show up at your best in ANY speaking scenario.

That’s how you connect: showing up clean and ready to serve.

NOT ticking boxes in your head.

So whenever your Imposter shows up, come back to these tips frequently.

Next week we will cover ‘How to create an inspirational speech’, you don’t wanna miss it!

Your Voice matters, make it HEARD.

Happy Monday!


P.S. Congrats to my Speaking Lions student, Annett (@hridaya_annett), who posted this on my Instagram:

“I did this fantastic workshop, dived deep with lots of tears, happiness, overcame my comfort zone, some nice surprises and at the end I transformed a lot. I also got some helpful tools. I’d do it again and can really recommend it. It was one of my best investments!”

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